So ok… Newsflash!!

I was so busy and pre-occupied lately, I haven’t been able to update my blog.

Here’s the thing.. I lost my job for three long years last week and I was so busy enjoying the days I call Alarm-Free days. I was always out with some friends and now it’s Monday. How time flies. I have to look for another job I will keep until the company will never want me again for the reason I won’t accept for the life of me.

I am just glad that my friends won’t leave me and they are very supportive. I actually forgot about my love life for the time being but hey, we are still ok. I can’t wait until it’s Thursday again and we’ll be together again until Sunday.

I am at Starbucks waiting for my Two Friends. We’ll have discipleship meeting first and then they’ll drop me off to the new office I hope I will belong. Pray for me peeps.



One thought on “So ok… Newsflash!!

  1. Hey, Ariadne…what’s happenin’, Sister? Same boat, my dear. My ‘job’ “pulled out from under me,” too ~ in 2012. I keep myself comfortably at home, and filled with God’s grace.


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