Letters to You: Prose and Poetry

One time, I was asked: how can it be possible to transmute pain into poetry?
I was stupefied by the question.
But it made me conceive.
How can one write such good poetry out of torment?

I have already found the answer to this question.
By the time of affliction and anguish of my affection,
I knew then that pens and papers are the only release I can ever manage.

I knew then that I cannot hurt back the person who inflicted me such pain.
And that for the life of me, I can just write until I am hurting no more.

To turn the man into a poetry while I am making myself believe that he merits it.

To be a writer of our love until the end of our story.



Silly Resolution Thingy

It’s almost New Year and I am not really into making lists of what I can improve and what not.

But New year is fast approaching and for the colorful 2014, I am so compelled to list down all my wants and my hearts’ desire for 2015.

So what’s New Year’s Resolution? Let’s see according to Wikipedia.

a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice

  1. Buy actual books instead of downloading eBook. Before iPad, Kindle and other eBook devices, I am a sucker for good books. I spend hours looking for something to buy. This generation has changed everything. But for my 2015, my goal is to go back to tradition.
  2. Be wiser. I posted a while back that being smarter doesn’t mean being wiser. After everything I’ve gone through this 2014, I wouldn’t want to be less of a wise person I have become in the process. Never again!
  3. Be more self-reliant. I am independent. That I know for sure. But there are times you really feel so weak and you rely on people. This year made me realize that happiness, in whatever circumstances, should never depend on one person. They will just drop it all the time.
  4. More time in the library than in Starbucks. I have decided to spend more time in the library or bookstore than in Starbucks Coffee Shop. I will invest something for my mind.

I am not good at it. I simply want to do something that I haven’t done. I want to eat more. Sleep better. Read more books. As simple as that.

I DON’T WANNA WAIT – FROM DAWSON’s Creek Original Soundtrack

I have been looking for the title of this song until one day, I just let myself play random videos on YouTube and this one played. I am such a happy kid.

There you go. Spread the love. Have ourselves a Merry Little Christmas first.

Letters to You. My Alpha Male

You only need one man to love you. But him to love you free like a wildfire, crazy like the moon, always like tomorrow, sudden like an inhale and overcoming like the tides. Only one man and all of this.

I just borrowed the quotes from goodreads.

I love that you talk to me about your disappointment and pain. I love it when you share me the things that hurts you and you close your eyes in my loving arms, cuddled like you need protection. There’s nothing like our love for each other. I love you when your sad. I love you when you’re happy. I love you all the time. I am giving you my kisses and hugs while I write and close this.

I am dating an alpha male who isn’t ashamed of showing weaknesses.


So ok… Newsflash!!

I was so busy and pre-occupied lately, I haven’t been able to update my blog.

Here’s the thing.. I lost my job for three long years last week and I was so busy enjoying the days I call Alarm-Free days. I was always out with some friends and now it’s Monday. How time flies. I have to look for another job I will keep until the company will never want me again for the reason I won’t accept for the life of me.

I am just glad that my friends won’t leave me and they are very supportive. I actually forgot about my love life for the time being but hey, we are still ok. I can’t wait until it’s Thursday again and we’ll be together again until Sunday.

I am at Starbucks waiting for my Two Friends. We’ll have discipleship meeting first and then they’ll drop me off to the new office I hope I will belong. Pray for me peeps.


Letters to You. The downside of things

1:39 A.M

Here I am, wide awake. Awakened by the idea of losing you in the process. At times like this, I only wish to say things I wasn’t able to say when I had a chance. Had I known there wouldn’t be any chance to tell you, I would’ve said it. I would’ve told you but my heart was shattered long before I could speak. My heart’s lost to you. I could not believe I am still drawn to you like you never had me broken. This is the downside of things…

when you love and you’re blinded with the idea of love.


Letters to You. November 11, 2014 / 2


I am writing this again in the midst of my sadness. I am thinking of you again. And you see, I just started this series in my blog and I can’t stop writing. I guess, we can relate this to the fact that I can’t stop thinking about you. That’s mainly the reason. I write about you because I love you. I write about you because I hate you. Right now, I am in love and in hate with you. But you are my totality. This blog is for you.


Question: How did the two of you meet?

It’s normal for people to ask this question when you decide to press release your relationship. The significance of the meeting for couples are very rare. Some circumstances are based on the social activities. Or the location. Or maybe you know him forever you didn’t think it’s still important to remember.

So if I am to answer this question. I met my partner in the mountain. One morning, around 4 of the year 2012, friends were socializing and I just woke up. This man just came out of nowhere and he’s drunk. Not impressive to begin with. But that was their event and I was just invited. So he is friends with everyone in my crowd except for me. Then we were introduced to each other. It wasn’t a formal introduction since I already mentioned, he was drunk and I was sober.

So then he slept. I was just sitting outside his tent and he snored like a big man. But he isn’t a big man. And so on. After hours, breakcamp, then we all started to descent. At Evercrest, we took bath and I was combing my hair when he called me and said “Nice Shirt!”

So there, it started with “Nice Shirt!”

He added me on his Facebook Account, he kept in touch, year after year, we still get to see each other. And all the time, it’s special. Until the 26th of August of this year 2014, we finally decided to start a relationship.

What’s your story?